‘Kasmaran’ means falling in love, smitten by love in Indonesian.

Kasmaran was founded in 2013, with inclusivity in mind.

Just the way our piece of textile is handcrafted; it’s individually made, each tells its own story, sometimes flawed, but nothing is ever identical, we mindfully design each piece as a statement piece to equip your wardrobe, and also effortless enough to stay in it.

Each comes with the flexibility of however you want it to be; from a casual leisure wear to a formal evening wear. Your individuality is what defines Kasmaran.

We are inspired by you.

We have witnessed our Kasmaran pieces traveled to different places around the world, brought and worn as a part of their identity. We are happy that it serves as how we thought of it the first time: crafted through a hearty handmade process, appreciated as a piece of wearable artwork, with a sentimental value from the maker to the person who wears it.

We believe something that comes with quality is long-lasting and worth to keep. Adopting the slow fashion movement, we do not launch collection based on season change, as our clothes can be styled and worn any time.

Wearable Artwork

Batik and tenun are loveletters. This process requires artisanal skill & time that varies from weeks to months. The long and intricate process binds the maker to their crafts spiritually. Each line and dot is a prayer, a charm for a good life and luck. By purchasing handcrafted batik & tenun, you are also supporting our artisans and preserving Indonesian cultural heritage. Learn how it’s made.

& Ethically Made

Started humbly at home, we still keep each piece individually made until now. By sewing in a small batch, we are commited to pay our home tailors fairly, avoid producing more than we need and create more fashion waste, and we can make each piece perfectly tailored to your body shape.

Zero Waste
& Sustainability

We make clothes that last. Adopting the slow fashion movement, we do not launch season-based collections. Our pieces are adaptable to be styled any season, this way our pieces would last longer in your closet. For upcycled collection, we create new clothes from leftover fabrics that will otherwise end up in the landfill. We also take part in reducing fashion waste and you are welcome to join our upcycling project. Return your old Kasmaran piece for 10% credit off of your next purchase.