The Fabrics


Batik is a manually hand-drawn and hand-stamped batik technique. Amba Titik (fabric dotting) is the Javanese dyeing technique incorporated in our designs, where our fabric is manually hand drawn with wax to make a unique pattern and story. The making process requires artisanal skill & time that varies from weeks to months, binding the maker to their crafts spiritually. Each line and dot is a prayer, a charm for a good life and luck.


For upcycled collection, we create new clothes from patches or leftover fabrics that will otherwise end up in the landfill. Upcycled items are produced individually and in limited quantity, each stock depends on the amount of leftover fabric we sourced.

Indonesian traditional textiles have been used as a storyteller and time marker; tales about people in their time, and the influence crossing between existing cultures. By purchasing handcrafted batik & tenun, you are also supporting our artisans and preserving Indonesian cultural heritage.


A manually handwoven fabric as one of the cultural heritage of Indonesia. The pattern of the weave usually tells a story of where it was made and a philosophy between humans, the creator, and natural surroundings.


A pouch of soapnut is included with your purchase, along with the direction of how to use it. They are non-chemical, biodegradable, an all-around natural and sustainable cleaning solution for delicate textiles.

Please hand-wash with gentle soap.

Iron or steam in low heat, according to garment’s grain. Iron while the fabric is still damp.

Hang the batik to dry in shade inside out, keep away from direct sunlight. Do not wring or twist.


Soapnut or Lerak is a traditional way our anchestry use to take care of Batik and other precious textiles. These soapnuts contain natural soap called saponin which is released when in contact with water. They have natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties while naturally softening. They are non-chemical, biodegradable, an all-around natural cleaning liquid for skin and hair. Soapnuts can be used many times and are sustainable as the seeds can be replanted after use.

How to use:

1. Place your laundry and the small soapnut bag into the drum of your washing machine

2. Wash clothes as per fabric instructions.

3. Soapnuts also non-residual, so you don’t have to rinse.

4. Save the used shells because they can be used again for up to 4 more times!